Domki Wczasowe Papaya

Beautiful surroundings
Domki Wczasowe Papaya Recreation at the highest level
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A unique place created for you

Domki Wczasowe Papaya

Area 50 m2    Area max. 4 Show details
Area 50 m2    Area max. 4 Show details

Domki Wczasowe Papaya

Our mission

This one-of-a-kind family resort is setting new standards in quality, comfort and customer service. It is a transfer of a luxury hotel apartment to an oasis of peace, quiet and intimacy, without giving up resting in the fresh sea air.

Professional Service

High comfort

Affordable price

Close to the sea

Exclusive wooden houses with heating

Comfortable equipment

These are exclusive wooden cottages with heating, air conditioning and fireplace. We offer rest at the highest level for the most demanding guests.

The object is located in the western part of Kołobrzeg in a district of single-family houses near the picturesque Natura 2000 zone. Our guests are often roe deer, deer, wild boar and badgers.

Children's safety is the comfort and peace of mind of the parent

We ozone the houses

Papaya Resort is equipped with its own ozone generators. The houses are ozonized every time after standard cleaning and disinfection.

Children's safety is the comfort and peace of mind of the parent. Each of our houses is adapted to the stay of small guests. The resort area is closed, monitored and available only to registered guests.

As a few, if not the only one in Poland, it is equipped with central heating, thanks to which the houses remain always clean, fresh and fragrant.